Facilitating the potential of a 100 Billion dollar Indigenous Economy.


Converging ideas, resources, tools and people to grow the Indigenous economy


Economics from an Indigenous worldview.


is Indigenous economic design.

Rebuilding and reclaiming Indigenous economy.

Canada’s 100 billion dollar emerging Indigenous economy.


Indigenomics- Addressing 150 + years of the underdevelopment of the Indian Reservation
Indigenomics is modern Indigenous economic design




Coming soon, the INDIGENOMICS SERIES will add insight into key Canadian voices that highlight the significance of this emerging economy, its role in Canada and the required response to move towards a $100 billion Indigenous economy.

The INDIGENOMICS SERIES is an Indigenous Economic Dialogue Platform.  The Series will highlight points for developing an Indigenous economy and connect a national discussion with key business and  organizations on the growing Indigenous economy.  The Indigenomics Institute is undertaking a set of interviews on the topic- ‘How do we pay attention to the potential of a future 100 billion Indigenous economy and what is needed to get there?’  At the heart of this development is a resonating new narrative- We are a powerful people.

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The Indigenomics Institute is the leading research, education, and engagement platform for supporting the rebuilding  and design of Indigenous economies of Indigenous peoples worldwide. The Institute works to  facilitate the realization of Indigenous modern political, economic, legal and community development objectives.

Indigenomics is a dialogue and design platform to bring attention and focus to the growing Indigenous Economy. Indigenous economic growth is good for everyone. It is through dialogue and connecting  that  solutions based collaborations can occur to address the challenges and overcome systemic economic barriers.



‘Timely, necessary, and inspiring, Indigenomics provides a framework for those committed to reconciliation, and to creating shared prosperity for a just and sustainable future.’

Wes Regan, Program Director, Simon Fraser University- Community Economic Development Program

‘Indigenomics acts as a vehicle for understanding, creating meaning and expressing the relationship of Canada’s Indigenous people to current economic systems.  Through Carol-Anne Hilton’s pragmatic leadership, she is building a collective toolbox for building new economies of well-being, for both First Nations and other communities across Canada.’ 

Mark Anielski, President & Chief Well-being Officer, Anielski Management Inc. and Author of The Economics of Happiness and An Economy of Well-being

‘Indigenomics is not just ‘the right thing to do’, it is also ‘the smart thing to do’. Indigenomics stands to benefit not just Aboriginal communities but the entire Canadian society and beyond. And business. And the Environment. Carol Anne Hilton says it as it is and walks the talk!

Florent Thevin, Director of The Future Economy of  TheFutureEconomy.ca

‘Indigenomics is central to the next 150 years of Canada. Indigenous Works has outlined the significance of the growing Indigenous workforce in Canada. Indigenomics is a framework to address this challenge!’

Kelly Lindsay, President and CEO of Indigenous Works

‘Carol Anne does a brilliant job explaining Indigenous perspectives of economics, a wholistic perspective of business and prosperity that stays true to our culture and experiences’

JP Gladu CEO, President of Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

‘The work and research conducted by The Indigenomics Institute provides business leaders, policy makers and community builders with a fresh lens to explore our nation and the economic opportunities and challenges that exist. This perspective is fundamentally important to our long term economic prosperity and the goal of truth and reconciliation in Canada.  I am proud to support this great work and look forward to “Indigenomics” deeply shaping our national discourse and public policy decisions.’

Rhiannon Traill – President & CEO of The Economic Club of Canada

‘Indigenomics takes a major step towards explaining the Aboriginal perspectives of trade, commerce and development that are at the heart of our peoples path to progress.’

 JP Gladu, CEO, President Canadian Council For Aboriginal Business

Indigenomics is now the only meaningful relevant economic framework. Deeply rooted in indigenous wisdom, Indigenomics provides an economic model that incorporates truly sustainable business models for our imperiled planet.

Special Advisor at the East West Centre in Hawaii

Amanda Ellis

Amanda Ellis