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  • Supporting the rebuilding and design of Indigenous economies of Indigenous peoples worldwide

  • Leading research, education & engagement platform

  • Addressing the challenges to overcome systemic economic barriers

  • Dialogue, connection & solutions-based collaborations

Indigenomics is a dialogue and design platform to bring attention and focus to the growing Indigenous economy.

Economic Platform for Indigenous Economic Innovations

The Indigenomics Institute is the leading research, education and engagement platform for supporting the rebuilding and design of Indigenous economics of Indigenous peoples worldwide.


Economic policy, research, analysis, and planning

The Institute works to facilitate the realization of Indigenous modern political, economic, legal and community development objectives.

Education & Training

Partnership Development

The Indigenomics Institute is the leading national Indigenous economic design platform. The Institute offers consulting services to Indigenous nations, community economic development corporations, Indigenous businesses, governments and corporations and private sector.

2024 Indigenomics Events

Indigenomics events creates space for leadership and engagement by bringing together key perspectives and trends in the Indigenous economy. These high demand sold out events allow for insights development and promotes positive actions and outcomes in the Indigenous economy.


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