Announcing the Indigenomics Institute’s
‘10 to Watch’ List for Indigenous business innovation
Highlighting Indigenous business and partnership innovation

The Indigenomics 10 to Watch list is an annual list demonstrating excellence and leadership in the emerging 100 billion dollar Indigenous economy. Started in 2019, the annual list recognizes business leadership in building economic reconciliation, inclusion and designing business relationships to support the growth of the Indigenous economy.

The 10 to Watch Awards are given to ten distinctive businesses, partnerships or initiatives who demonstrate leadership in the emerging 100 billion dollar Indigenous economy. Each year, the announcement of the annual list marks a moment of celebration within Indigenous economic growth and reconciliation. The annual list illuminates the spirit of Indigenous business resurgence and brings a clear focus on innovation, inclusion and emerging trends in the Indigenous economy. Each year’s winners stand out for successfully building unique and competitive businesses, partnerships and initiatives that are impacting the way we interact, create value and lead within the Indigenous economy.


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