Indigenous Clean Energy

“Leadership is about strategy and vision. We need to be more aligned, like we need to align access to capital, to strategic planning, support, to partnerships and whether it is in tourism, or whatever the sector.” Keith Henry, President and CEO of ITAC I N D I G E N O U S C L E A N E N E R G Y The mission is to stimulate collaboration that facilitates leadership by, and meaningful collaboration with, Indigenous people in the transition to a clean energy future. The vision is a collaborative network of communities and projects that are driving a clean energy future that respects the rights of Indigenous people and enriches their communities. ‘ICE works to situate Indigenous people to have a prime space in leadership within energy projects, which includes getting Indigenous peoples into upper senior positions where they can make positive change.’ Aubrey Anne Laliberte-Pewapisconias, ICE Partnerships Coordinator. She notes the successful programs that ICE is proud to have. Being an Indigenous led organization, which works to empower Indigenous people through clean energy, they work towards positive change in the clean energy sector – a core motivation of the organization. ICE serves to increase equity and self-determination of Indigenous people in the clean energy sector with a main focus on catalyzing the transformative power of Indigenous people, advancing collaboration between communities. ICE works to empower Indigenous communities and their partners to be clean energy agents through education, capacity-building, skills development, and mentorship with high quality and hands on programming that enhances Indigenous leadership with the award winning 20/20 Catalyst program. ‘Clean energy is a game changer for Indigenous communities. Each project facilitates the sustainable development goals through the realization of social, economic and environmental benefits for the community, their regions, the provinces and territories, and Canada as a whole.’ asserts Laliberte-Pewapisconias. The leadership of ICE is essential for the growth of Indigenous communities to participate within the industry. Clean energy is a driver in the emerging National Indigenous economy and ICE is a clear leader in this industry. This is Indigenomics in action.