Indigenous Manufacturing and Contracting Network

‘Industry working together towards truth and reconciliation.’

Executive Director Nick Crighton heads the Indigenous Manufacturing and Contracting Network (IMCN), a ground-breaking effort that is empowering Indigenous communities. IMCN’s mission is clear: to uplift Indigenous-owned businesses in manufacturing and contracting, creating pathways and opportunities. Through tailored training programs and its network, IMCN equips Indigenous Peoples, with a focus on youth, a clear pathway forward for careers in these industries.

As the inaugural Indigenous-led and Indigenous-owned membership-based network in its domain, IMCN envisions a future where Indigenous businesses thrive. Its primary objective is to amplify Indigenous voices, bolster their ventures, and create pathways for Indigenous Peoples to contribute to the growing regional, national and global Indigenous economy.

Crighton shares the ongoing story and mission of the organization, “IMCN amplifies voices that often go unheard, giving them the platform to express their needs and views.”

IMCN serves as an organic network for Indigenous-owned businesses in contracting and manufacturing to create new relationships and opportunities. It’s an initiative with ambitious goals—to champion Indigenous businesses, not just within these industries, but across diverse sectors. This story speaks of resilience and reclaiming a rightful place. Crighton emphasizes, “We’re rewriting stories, dismantling barriers, and striving for tangible, meaningful change.”

IMCN’s focus is direct: it encourages industries to evaluate policies and structures, encouraging genuine inclusion and substantial transformation.

At its core, IMCN champions empowerment—spotlighting Indigenous strengths and fostering impactful change. It’s about visibility, sustainability, and equitable opportunities within the burgeoning Indigenous economy.

There are challenges—funding hurdles, persistent stereotypes—but IMCN remains resolute, forging a new path for Indigenous entrepreneurship in manufacturing, determined to overcome barriers and create a more inclusive future.

“For me, what IMCN is… being the voice for those who are maybe voiceless… allowing them to be able to speak up… It’s something to think about, a perspective, a worldview, and a lens that needs to be looked at and included when it comes to decision-making,” states Crighton. This is Indigenomics in action.

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