“That even small businesses can have a considerable impact on the Indigenous economy. “When you do something from a good place, good outcomes happen.” Crook.” Michele Young-Crook .  The Seven Grandfather teachings are the blueprint for IndigiMall to achieve a better and more sustainable future for the Seven Generations. Founder Michele Young-Crook strongly believes in giving back and positively impacting marginalized populations’ lives, resulting in IndigiMall donating 10% of profits to assist women in Canada who cannot afford menstrual products. Young-Crook rejoined the world of entrepreneurship again in 2020; she noticed many holes in Indigenous businesses’ tools and skills. She decided that she would use her platforms to fill said gaps. In doing so, she has incorporated more financial literacy programming for Indigenous businesses. She is currently developing an accessible online platform for women and youth to find business guidance and resources. Michele created a Facebook group called Indigenous Women’s Holiday Market, a community of 48,000 shoppers, Indigenous craftspeople and artisans. Recognizing the need for a one-stop-shop for Indigenous-owned companies, Michele took it further and launched a virtual mall called IndigiMall. On January 21, 2021, a platform for all Indigenous people worldwide to have a place to showcase their companies and services. “Indigenous entrepreneurs are utilizing their skills to contribute to the economy and bring a chair to the $100 billion Indigenous economic table.” Michele Young-Crook. Building a digital platform for the inclusion of Indigenous entrepreneurs is demonstratable leadership of Indigenous economic design and leadership. This is Indigenomics.