Alicia Dubois

Alicia Dubois has extensive experience at the executive level across various industries in Canada, and a pointed focus on advancing Indigenous Peoples and reconciliation. Her rich background in law, Indigenous finance and executive leadership has equipped her with a strong understanding of public and private corporate dynamics, governance structures, change management and workplace culture and performance, enabling her to effectively strategize and execute business initiatives through co-development practices that produce inclusive and equitable outcomes.

Formerly serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the Royal BC Museum, Alicia demonstrated her proficiency in spearheading change and fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion, and intercultural understanding within organizations. Prior to that role, she held significant positions in the legal and finance sectors, including the inaugural CEO of the Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation and just prior, a member of the executive team at CIBC where she created, launched, and established the bank’s Indigenous Markets strategy while managing a high-performing national team of industry professionals.

With her values and upbringing as her primary driver, Alicia’s journey and entrepreneurial spirit are evidenced throughout her career, including in her active participation as board member, co-founder and strategic advisor to various progressive entities and teams committed to advancing Indigenous self-determination and wellbeing, and more broadly, positive social impact initiatives across Canada.