Brian Davey – NADF

Brian Davey is the distinguished Chief Executive Officer of NADF, situated in Thunder Bay, Ontario, a specialized Indigenous Financial Institution serving 88 First Nations communities. Mr. Davey’s professional lineage encompasses over three and a half decades of steadfast dedication to First Nation business and economic development, a journey that started with his Native Studies graduation from Trent University.

Born in Moose Factory, Ontario, and a proud member of the Moose Cree First Nation, Mr. Davey has carved a niche for himself in Northern Ontario, concentrating on the resource sector, infrastructure development, and the financing of small and emerging businesses.

Before ascending to his current role at NADF, he held high-ranking positions with Matawa First Nations Management, First Nations Equity, Economic Renewal Initiative, and the Nishnawbe Aski Nation. His multifaceted professional landscape includes serving as an elected First Nation leader, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, Manager, and esteemed management consultant.

Beyond his core professional pursuits, Mr. Davey has acted as a director on various public and non-profit boards, reflecting his commitment to broad-based community leadership and governance.

In addition to his professional work in Indigenous economics, Mr. Davey has established himself in the Real Estate sector, owning and managing several residential properties throughout the Thunder Bay area. His real estate portfolio is emblematic of an entrepreneurial spirit that complements his dedication to economic development within Indigenous communities.

Mr. Brian Davey’s comprehensive and illustrious career epitomizes a harmonious blend of tradition, leadership, innovation, and enterprise. His contributions continue to inspire and foster growth, not only within the communities he serves but also in the broader spectrum of Indigenous economics and business.