Cameron Bishop – Queen’s University

Cameron Bishop is a forward-thinking scholar currently pursuing a Master of Applied Science in Computer Engineering with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. Their academic journey is defined by a profound commitment to leveraging technology for a positive societal impact. Within their research, Cameron stands at the intersection of innovation and cultural preservation. Their research focuses on harnessing large-language models to facilitate the translation of Canadian Indigenous languages—a pioneering endeavour that not only explores the frontiers of technology but also contributes to the vital preservation of linguistic heritage. As a dedicated advocate for ethical AI, Cameron seeks to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and cultural sensitivity. His work reflects a deep understanding of the potential of AI to serve as a tool for inclusivity and empowerment. Cameron’s academic pursuits align seamlessly with his passion for the ethical implications of technology. Through their dedication to integrating Indigenous perspectives into AI development, they envision a future where technological advancements harmonize with diverse cultural values, fostering a more inclusive and respectful digital landscape.