Heather Berthelette – Tribal Councils Investment Group of Manitoba

Heather Berthelette is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Tribal Councils Investment Group of Manitoba (TCIG). TCIG is owned by the seven Tribal Councils of Manitoba, which represents approximately 150, 000 First Nations. TCIG has recently developed the Spirit Healthcare Group. A group of strong competitive companies focused on the vast economy formed around Indigenous Peoples healthcare.

Heather attended the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba; her career has spanned diverse industries from wholesale to healthcare. With an extensive background in operations and finance, she has held various senior roles in operations, finance and strategic planning.

Since 2015, Heather has served as CEO of Tribal Councils Investment Group and has led the restructuring and refocusing of the corporation. As a result of her leadership and entrepreneurial style, a new business model was embraced, and the creation of the Spirit Healthcare Group of companies began. The SPIRIT business model and overall vision is to advance and equalize healthcare for Indigenous people. This business model embodies the concept of “Indigenomics” – the practice of bringing an Indigenous perspective to economic and social development.

In June 2019 The Spirit Healthcare Group was honored to receive an inaugural Indigenomics “10 Indigenous Businesses to Watch” award.

A forward-thinking and compassionate leader, Heather believes in giving back personally and professionally as both a female role model and community member. Heather’s personal passion and connection to her First Nation/Metis roots, brings her a unique perspective on the First Nations need for self-sufficiency and economic development, which fuels her purpose and desire to be part of an investment strategy with an Indigenous world view.