Mike Bern – Musical Performance

Mike Bern is deeply rooted in Tobique First Nation, situated along the Tobique and Wolastoq rivers, where the Wolastoqiyik people are known as the “people of the beautiful river.” His love for music began in childhood when he was captivated by his late uncle playing the guitar and the secret music sessions held behind closed doors. This early fascination ignited a lifelong passion, leading Mike to self-teach himself acoustic guitar three decades ago.

What drives Mike’s musical journey is a strong connection to his ancestors, his personal challenges, and the healing power of nature. A turning point came during his time in rehab when a counselor recognized his talent for songwriting, noting that his writing felt like singing. This pivotal moment set him on the path to becoming a musician.

Mike refuses to be confined by genre labels, often blending folk and rock influences in his compositions, earning recognition and nominations, including two number one hits on the Indigenous Music Countdown. His discography features notable releases such as Waponahkew in 2020 and Ancestors in 2023, with his latest single, “Reverberation,” skillfully capturing the essence of the sweat lodge experience through an ethereal soundscape.

On “Reverberation,” I merged my traditional folk acoustic melodies with an ethereal soundscape to bring the meditative experience of the sweat lodge to life.

As his journey continues, Mike Bern invites everyone to join in a musical adventure that transcends boundaries and deeply resonates with the soul. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience his river-inspired melodies at the Indigenomics Gala Awards in Toronto on November 22, 2023, where the timeless beauty of his music will shine brightly.