Scott Duguid Conklin Resource Development Advisory Committee

Born in Guelph, Ontario and educated with a degree from University of Guelph in Geography (Rural Planning), Scott started his career as an officer with the Ontario Provincial Police. Scott then relocated to the Sahtu Dene and Métis land claim territory in the Northwest Territories to manage land use permitting and water licensing on behalf of the Indigenous communities.

He then transitioned to Yellowknife to manage environmental issues associated with a diamond mine – his role was to hold industry to account in collaboration with Indigenous communities with respect to environmental responsibility and inclusion of Indigenous knowledge.

The federal government then called on Scott to be a lands officer for what was Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. Most recently he led Indigenous consultation and collaboration for Environment and Protected Areas with the Government of Alberta.

Scott’s combination of land use planning, environmental management, business collaboration and Indigenous expertise makes him ideally suited to help elevate the work CRDAC does to create value for our community.