Shanley Spence – Dawn Woman Holistics

Shanley Spence, also known as “Wapan Kisikawi Pisim Iskwew – Dawn Woman” is a proud Ininewak and Anishinaabe woman dedicated as a holistic service provider. Rooted in Indigenous knowledge and wisdom, she assists by providing world class high quality Indigenous advocacy and education through cultural dance performance, speaking presentations, group facilitation, holistic life coaching and more. She has walked two roads, keeping one shoe in the mainstream society, being born and raised in the urban city and graduating from the University of Winnipeg with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Development. Then keeping one moccasin in the world of Indigenous teachings and practice being raised within the Nihithaw and Anishinaabe cultures and committing to dance, powwow and ceremony life since the time she could walk. She shares her work and insight on the ever-growing Youtube Channel, with her Instagram community of 6.7K and within the local community