Jen Newsted – Projects Manager

Jen is an enthusiastically energetic consultant who helps entrepreneurs and small businesses activate transformational work. A white, straight, able bodied cis-woman of mixed European descent Jen actively acknowledges her truths daily to shift into continued learning and accountability in action, to ensure she shows up in a good way, in service of diversity, equity, equality, inclusion and reconciliation.

With career experience that spans advertising, marketing communications, telecommunications, non-profit, film, employee and community engagement, healthcare, technology and tourism, Jen carries a strong belief that we can absolutely shift the way we work to be transformational, regardless of the sector, environment or role. She is well versed in project management, problem solving through big picture analytic thinking, multi-stakeholder relationship management, hosting virtual and in-person groups, liaising with creative partners, developing values based internal and external communications and streamlining and managing digital marketing tools. She led the rollout and management of a national program to engage employees and community partners with shared value alignment on corporate strategic imperatives that built brand and increased employee engagement.

Known for her authentic amplifying and transparent dialogue that provides clarity, drives action and delivers results, Jen will always connect to the foundational why to keep projects and communications centred in intentionality and human centred outcomes.