Jonathan Fleury – Technology Advisor

Jonathan is a member of Skownan First Nation and grew up in Mallard, a small Metis community in Central Manitoba. He is the youngest of seven siblings. His parents are both hard working individuals who have instilled a hard work ethic and moral values that have made him a well-respected member of the community. He attended the University of Winnipeg, where he completed Information and Communication Technology (ICT). He is committed to helping the community he serves. As a catalyst and leader to his people, he believes success could be shared and achieved by all. He is involved in the Indigenous Community in many different levels by improving the social, environment, education and health of Indigenous Peoples and Communities in Canada and around the world.
He is the Project Manager with Clear Sky Connections; his involvement in the study and eventual build of a Manitoba First Nations fiber optic network that will connect Manitoba First Nations with high speed internet. Formerly as Manager, Project Development for Indigenous Leadership Development Institute Inc. in Winnipeg, Manitoba, his involvement in projects like; World Indigenous Business Forum (WIBF), Empowering Indigenous Youth in Governance and Leadership (EIYGL), Executive Training, and Information Technology programs. His experience in multimedia technology, world issues, just to name a few, has garnered him a reputation of excellence among peers. Also he volunteers for various community based organizations.