Lawrence Alexander – Strategic Advisor

Lawrence Alexander is a Victoria lawyer who has been practising and thinking about environmental law reform for 24 years. For close to ten years he advised deputy ministers to the Premier in the BC Government — on both sides of the political spectrum. He has worked for the national law firm Heenan Blaikie and the environmental advocate West Coast Environmental Law. He has led law and policy reform projects on several topics including climate action, green cities, water, alternative energy and power technology, de facto expropriation, sustainable food, oil and gas, environmental auditing, green economics, ecological tax shifting, drinking water, fish protection, tailpipe emissions, and environmental assessment. He advises highly ambitious groups who are using innovation and technology to tackle stubborn public policy problems. Current projects include defining and modelling new approaches to the regulation of natural resources, access to justice, youth mental health, finance and investment, and the discovery of treatments for unsolved diseases.