Meaghan Daly – Capital Markets Division Strategy Lead

Meaghan is the president of Forward Vision Games and has a degree in finance and worked as a Senior Equity Trader for major Canadian banks and investment firms for many years on Bay Street. She was a trader during many key market events including the Global Financial Crisis and she saw firsthand what happens when governments, businesses, and financial institutions do not properly manage financial risk. She also realized that the same issue is true with people. They struggle with financial decisions due to a lack of understanding of financial risk. Meaghan is very passionate about financial capacity skills, the capital markets, Economic Reconciliation, and the Economic Agency of Women. Meaghan has worked on Indigenous projects bringing innovative financial solutions forward. Meaghan founded and launched Forward Vision Games based on the core belief that the financial world has changed, and it is time to change how we teach it. Forward Vision Games develops financial simulation games that teach people the financial skills they need to thrive in our new financial world. The games have been played in 4 Canadian provinces through high schools, post-secondary schools as well as skills training programs. Over 50% of participants to date have identified as Indigenous.
Meaghan is an experienced speaker and leader who is building an exciting technology company while making a positive impact in our world.