Michele Young Crook – Partnership and Events Advisor

Michele Young-Crook is Algonquin with mixed heritage. Michele has a talent for creating solutions and implementing them in her role as president of M Young Crook Consulting, a company that helps organizations transition and mitigate tasks and risks. With over 15 years of experience growing a national charitable organization and more than two decades in the marketing and sales industries. Michele’s experience as a stand-up comedian, lived experiences, and charisma has always kept a crowd engaged and wanting more. Hence, it seemed like a natural fit for her to move into hosting events and public speaking opportunities.

Michele is a serial entrepreneur with multiple eCommerce businesses, consulting firm and the recent launching of a series of children’s books. Even with her packed schedule, Michele always makes time for causes that matter. Michele is a director on the Board of Canadian Juries Commission, Director on the Come Back Society, committee member for the Human Rights Watch dinner committee, and creator of Indigenous Women’s Holiday Market with over 87,000 members. Her proudest accomplishments include the development of national programming for Indigenous women and youth, and mentoring multiple Indigenous youths on how to open a non-profit and ecommerce business