November 22


Registration and Breakfast Networking


Welcome Address and Keynote by Carol Anne Hilton

Welcome Address by Frank Busch and Raylene Whitford and a Keynote Address by Carol Anne Hilton


Keynote: Indigenous Led, Indigenous Owned

The new face of Indigenous Infrastructure Projects in Canada- A profile of the Neestanan Utility Corridor with Wilfred Jimmy from Fox Cree Lake Nation


Session 1: Activating Call to Action #92 Panel

Corporate Canada is now well aware of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Call to Action #92 which sets out fundamental actions that all business leaders ought to be incorporating into their operations, along with their workforce, to advance reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.   Join this panel to learn what strategies highly regarded corporate leaders and their teams are implementing in response to the Call to Action.


Session 2: ESG Panel

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting and sustainability reporting has taken hold as a key measurement of corporate responsibility over the last 5-10 years.  In fact, many believe ESG factors were first conceptualized and developed in 2004 in Europe; however, the reality is that Indigenous Peoples have honoured these principles for millennia. As such, this long-standing traditional wisdom and knowledge offers a strategic advantage to corporations that adopt this knowing in their practices.  To elaborate on the importance of positive Indigenous relations and the incorporation of traditional knowledge in modern development and corporate practices, this panel is set to help us expand our understanding and strategizing about ESGI.


Session 3: What We Know Now- Partnering with Indigenous Business Panel

Over the last 10-15 years we have witnessed long-awaited developments in what it means to partner with Indigenous businesses. Today, the more progressive partnerships involve modern concepts such as strong procurement activity and/or Indigenous equity ownership in projects. This panel will discuss the evolution of partnerships so far, while also highlighting what potential developments and solutions we should be focused on next, and how we progress together.


Session 4: TBD

coming soon


Keynote Lunch

Lunch & Keynote with Bill Lomax, CEO First Nation Bank of Canada with introduction by BCI, Ramy Rayes


Keynote with Bill Gallagher

Bill Gallagher, Author of Resource Rulers with introduction by First Nations Major Projects Coalition


Session 5: The Indigenous Clean Energy Revolution

Indigenous communities and businesses are actively engaged in the clean energy revolution and in some regions today, they are leading and dominating this space.   Join Guy Lonechild as he and this expert panel highlight success stories and offer strategic approaches to those interested in joining this timely movement. 


Session 6: Corporation Reconciliation Action Planning Session

Is your corporation ready to develop or refine its Corporate Reconciliation Action Plan?  This session will look at lessons learned, provide leading guidance, and offer an opportunity to discuss and strategize with other leaders to ensure your RAP is relevant and impactful.


Session 7: Technology and the Indigenous Economy 

Innovation + Tradition = Awe and Connection! Welcome to a session that demonstrates how innovation through immersive technologies (AR/VR) and artificial intelligence can help Indigenous Peoples today reclaim their cultures and languages. 


Session 8: Indigenous Economic Development Corporation Panel 

Indigenous economic development corporations are a vital vehicle to building and fortifying Indigenous wellness and self-determination in communities.   Join this conversation to learn how wealth creation and prosperous outcomes for communities and people are possible when strategic partnerships are developed and the right opportunities are identified and executed on. 


Networking & Economic Reconciliation Showcase Exhibits

5:30 - 6:30

Main Event Reception


Indigenomics PowerPlay Gala

The Indigenomics Power Play Gala celebrates the achievements of Indigenous businesses in building economic reconciliation, inclusion and designing business relationships that create value and growth of the 100 billion dollar Indigenous Economy. Join our host Ben Mulroney for an incredible evening featuring a Power Play panel for some of NHLs best Indigenous hockey stars; the musical talents of Mike Bern; and a celebration of 10 to Watch Indigenous businesses for 2024!

November 23


Breakfast Networking


Opening Comments and Keynote by Rose Paul

Rose Paul, CEO Bayside Development Corporation on ‘What economic reconciliation looks like- rebuilding our Nations in line with Mi’kmaw worldview’


Case Studies Introduction


A Conversation on Economic Design Principles

Join Carol Anne and Zita Cobb for a profoundly insightful and creative discussion that highlights how thriving economies that deeply serve their communities can be borne out of an honouring of local culture and nature.


Capitalization of the Indigenous Economy Panel

What is the value of the Indigenous economy?  What is it worth and how is its worth best determined?  These are questions we may be ourselves asking as the Indigenous economy continues to grow in strength and contribute to the broader economy.  To answer these questions, this session’s panelists will share their thoughts and insights on the capitalization of the Indigenous economy. With Cadmus Delorme, Monica James, Bernd Christmas, and Justin Bourque


Lunch & Indigenous Corporate Directors Panel

With Indigenous partnerships and new diversity-focused initiatives, such as the 50-30 Challenge, on the rise, many more Indigenous people are being recruited to join corporate boards.  While this is a promising trend, there are several considerations one should examine before taking on such an appointment, including: alignment of values; appetite to influence; and understanding the role and obligations of board members.  During this session, Ernie Daniels will highlight key considerations and provide thoughtful insight into the intricacies of corporate director roles.


Session 9: Federal Economic Reconciliation Approach Panel

Economic reconciliation is an ongoing focus and priority for governments across Canada.  Join this panel of leaders from various federal departments and corporations as they share details of their mandates and how their mandates are being used to advance reconciliation. 


Session 10: 100 Billion Dollar Indigenous Economic Activity Panel

A 100 Billion dollar Indigenous economy is a robust goal that, in order to be met, will require the concerted efforts of Indigenous business leaders across the country.  Join this session of heavy-hitting, experienced leaders for their thoughts on how best Indigenous businesses can strategically work toward meeting this target, and what will be required from corporate partners and governments to attain it. 


Session 11: Indigenous Trusts and Investment Panel 

Indigenous trusts and investment strategies have evolved significantly over the last 50 years.  Due to a general increase in settlement values and more innovative strategies and structures, trusts and investments have proven to be profoundly impactful tools to support economic development and social programming for communities.   This session will highlight best practices and common errors, in addition to how to develop strategies and practices to ensure settlement funds are managed in a way that aligns with community values and objectives.   


Session 12: New Skills for a new way of working with Microsoft 

coming soon


Session 13: Indigenous Procurement Panel

With serious potential of driving the Indigenous economy, Indigenous procurement is an evolving concept that continues to build momentum.  Indigenous participation in the supply chain of all levels of government and corporations across Canada is a hot topic with promise, especially in light of the federal government’s 5% Indigenous procurement commitment.  To provide an overview of the opportunities and hurdles, we are pleased to welcome “Jeanette”  who will offer key observations and insights.  


Session 14: Economists Panel

Welcome leading “FI” economist “NAME” who will share her/his expertise about the state of the economy, the risks and opportunities presenting themselves to Indigenous business leaders and what deserves our attention during this tumultuous time as we plan for the future. 


Session 15: Innovative approaches to Indigenous Economic Innovation 

coming soon


Session 16: UNDRIP and the Indigenous economy

As we know, UNDRIP is a guiding framework that presents concepts that acknowledge and aim to protect Indigenous rights, globally.  While UNDRIP became law in Canada over 2 years ago, we continue to grapple with defining and understanding the practical application of UNDRIP and key concepts set out therein, such as Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC).  To highlight recent legal developments, challenges and approaches with respect to UNDRIP implementation and interpretation, please welcome “Lawyer” from “FIRM”. 


Session 17: Indigenous Economic Data Panel

coming soon


Closing Ceremony


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