Bayside Development Corporation

‘Nation-to-Nation approach to economic development’

In March 2018 in Nova Scotia, Bayside Development Corporation Limited came into as the new business arm of Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation. Since its inception, Bayside Corporate has spearheaded the development and construction of the impressive $11 million Bayside Travel Centre, a pivotal development situated along the bustling Atlantic Canada trucking corridor and a beacon for tourists heading to and from Cape Breton. Located along the Trans Canada highway, the name Paqtnkek, means “by the bay”, is a distinction emphasizing the historic importance of the local bay and its resources to the Mi’kmaw people.

Bayside Development Corporation’s has created significant business development opportunities. Under the leadership of Mi’kmaw CEO Rose Paul, who is driving the growth and prosperity of the community. Expressing her vision, Paul asserts, “The primary focus is crafting Indigenous-led business models emphasizing infrastructure, access to capital, and equity ownership. Our aim is to nurture human capital within our nation, fostering businesses that endure and yield sustainable returns on our investment.”

The heart of the corporation’s approach lies in applying Mi’kmaw cultural perspectives to community, economic development, and partnership ventures. The Bayside Corporation envisions a grand future for the vibrant albeit small community—one rooted in economic sovereignty and self-governing sustainability that is creating a future advancing housing, enhanced healthcare, expanded educational opportunities, and increased job prospects as outcomes of the community economic development process.

Continuing on its trajectory of success, Bayside Development Corporation has attracted significant interest from diverse businesses. Paul remarks, “Today, enterprises approach us., they recognize our value and are eager to engage with our nation because we’ve showcased our prowess as robust business players. We are poised to collaborate and forge mutually beneficial solutions for business development and partnerships with Indigenous corporations.”

Reflecting on her role as an Indigenous female leader, Paul acknowledges the plight of her people due to historical injustices and colonial policies. She’s committed to restoring prosperity by addressing the economic and geographic isolation, financial reliance, and poverty that persist. As a leader, mother, and community member, she stands resolute in uplifting her community and as a role model to women in commerce while leading Mi’kmaq’s economic participation in the local and regional economy by advancing opportunities and partnerships.

Looking at the global Indigenous economy, Paul observes the growth in renewable and green projects across the country. Indigenous communities are increasingly taking larger stakes in major projects, managing infrastructure, trust funds, and generating more revenue independently. Financial institutions now view Indigenous communities and businesses as valuable investments and partners. This is our time.

According to Paul, “Today, businesses are coming to us, companies know we are good for business and are open to doing business with our nation because we have truly demonstrated that we are strong regional business players. We are ready to sit at the economic table and work on win-win solutions for business development that advance our economic interests. Business from a Mi’kmaq worldview- this is Indigenomics in action!

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