City of Regina

New Indigenous Procurement Policy is a step along Regina’s journey to economic reconciliation.

The City of Regina has demonstrated its commitment to reconciliation through the Indigenous Procurement Policy. (IPP) The municipality has outlined a minimum goal of achieving 20 percent engagement for Indigenous procurement. This is a major step along the journey to economic reconciliation as a municipality and a clear step forward for economic reconciliation. The IPP Regina has implemented puts instruments in place to foster greater success for Indigenous-led business growth and development within the province and country.

At its core, the IPP is a marker of Regina’s commitment to genuine collaboration and material support for Indigenous business; it’s about reshaping the economic landscape to uplift Indigenous businesses, communities, and peoples.

What sets this policy apart is the invaluable collaboration with the Indigenous Procurement Advisory Committee (IPAC). This partnership embodies the essence of reconciliation, intertwining Indigenous wisdom and perspectives with Regina’s vision for a more inclusive economic future. The IPAC offers guidance and insights are instrumental in shaping the policy and economic outcomes.

“Regina’s Indigenous Procurement Policy is a commitment to creating a thriving environment where Indigenous entrepreneurship can flourish,” shares Audra Young, Director of Indigenous Relations. “Regina’s efforts echo the principles of Indigenomics — promoting economic reconciliation and supporting the growth, inclusion, visibility and success of Indigenous businesses. We’re looking forward to careful, ongoing measurement of our progress, which will help us continually improve and reach our goals.”

Regina’s Indigenous Procurement Policy marks a pivotal step toward realizing Indigenous prosperity and fostering collaboration. It signifies a commitment to creating a more prosperous future by addressing historical injustices and fostering material change in a municipal context. This is Indigenomics in action.

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