Creative Fire

‘A Catalyst for Indigenous Reconciliation and Economic Empowerment.’

A member of Des Nedhe Group, the economic development arm of the English River First Nation, Creative Fire is a 100% Indigenous-owned consulting agency dedicated to building bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and organizations. The firm’s service offerings include strategy consulting, Indigenous engagement, Reconciliation Action Planning, communications, branding and design, and corporate reporting. The dedicated team of thought leaders and industry experts is comprised of Indigenous people and allies and is focused on delivering tangible results while advancing reconciliation efforts. Participating in many key sectors such as nuclear energy, mining and power generation sectors. The company specializes in engaging the corporate sector in pivotal areas of economic reconciliation such as Indigenous inclusion, corporate reconciliation action plans, ESG reporting and sustainability frameworks.

As Creative Fire is evolving from a startup to a scaling enterprise, the organization places an emphasis on building robust systems and processes to ensure operational efficiency. The company is dedicated to co-creating its’ cultural identity collaboratively within the team. CEO Leanne Hall says, “It’s not centered around one person but rather our collective unity, acknowledging Indigenous businesses and their remarkable contributions globally. It’s about cultivating an ecosystem.”

Hall reflects on Creative Fire’s approach towards nurturing and supporting future Indigenous leaders and sharing inclusive spaces for their growth. She emphasizes providing support and mentorship to young Indigenous leaders, ensuring their ideas are not just heard but celebrated and implemented. Creative Fire’s vision extends beyond geographical boundaries, aiming to create a global talent collective and spotlight their remarkable work.

“We need to look at other jurisdictions, embrace supplier diversity, and not just set small targets. Empowering Indigenous businesses can significantly change the economy.” shares Hall.

Creative Fire’s story represents the dynamic evolution of Indigenous-led businesses and Indigenous equity ownership. It showcases an approach to business that is centered on a relational ecosystem, where collaboration and recognition of Indigenous skills take precedence.

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