Métis Settlements Development Corporation

‘Advancing the economic interests of the Métis Settlements in Alberta’

In November 2021, the Métis Settlements Development Corporation (MSDC) was formed to advance the economic interests of the Métis Settlements in Alberta. Created specifically to advance the economic interests of the Metis Settlements in Alberta, the Metis Settlements Development Corporation fosters economic prosperity for the future. The Corporation was established with the sole purpose of connecting those with like-minded interests participating in various large-scale investment opportunities that are mutually beneficial.

The establishment of the MSDC is an important and positive step in the advancement of the economic interests of the Metis Settlements in Alberta, through seeking out assessing and investing in these opportunities on behalf of the Metis Settlements who choose to participate.

The MSDC currently seeks joint venture and investment opportunities with the goal of generating long-term revenues for Alberta’s Métis Settlements. “We see a market for more Indigenous funds to raise capital. If we can build a replicable framework, it’ll aid communities. Whether macro or micro, sharing resources and advice benefits all,” shares CEO Barbara McKenzie.

“We champion Métis investment perspectives on behalf of Alberta’s Métis Settlements Limited Partnership. Our role is to seek joint ventures and investments that expand economic reconciliation and bring Indigenous perspective to more industries and more companies,” McKenzie continues.  The directive of the MSDC is to evaluate, invest, and manage partnership and investment opportunities on behalf of shareholders.

MSDC is focused on advancing business development in principal sectors such as:

  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Metals and materials
  • Service industry
  • Technology
  • Real estate

“We need to start creating a path for companies that goes beyond consultation. It’s about materially involving Indigenous people, going beyond employment opportunities,” shares McKenzie.

MSDC blends social purpose with a strong focus on diversified investment opportunities. The corporation’s core values include Honesty, Respect, Integrity, and Collaboration to guide us in creating economic prosperity and opportunity for the Métis Settlements of Alberta and Indigenous Peoples. MSDC embodies Indigenomics leadership in the Indigenous economy.

Learn more at: msdcorp.ca